Automated Storage for Online Stores

Online shopping gives users the ability to buy any product they want, at any time, from any place (as long as they have a shipping address and are connected to the internet). It also gives businesses the opportunity to expand their customer market across global borders. What is better than being able to order that new set of clothes while sitting at your computer in your pajamas, eating ice cream out of the box? In this scenario, you sell virtual or physical goods online in an e-commerce store. Examples include speciality stores (for example, suits, urban clothing, hiking equipment, computers, pharmaceutical, groceries) to much broader stores like Many companies have made the smooth transition from a complete brick and mortar approach to a combination of physical and virtual storefronts. With VCA Automated Storage you can fit nearly everything into a Lean-Lift. With many companies starting up, VCA Automated Storage for Online Stores has the right solutions to maximize efficiency in your warehouse and thus improve your competitiveness.

System Advantages

By utilising the unused vertical space above your storage area with VCA Automated Storage for Online Stores you can save valuable space and therefore can fit your entire operation into a space less than three quarters of what you need using conventional shelving. Measured against traditional storage methods you can have improved efficiency in the warehouse by between 100 and 400 percent compared to order picking from static shelving by introducing Batch Picking Pick to Light Technology, thereby saving a great deal of money. Regardless of whether you have one or multiple storage machines if you install our Batch Picking Pick to Light System you can increase your pick rate by up to 400% and pickings of about 300 picks per hour per person.

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