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Shelving System Lift


Modula is the best VLM to save space time & money. Trays come in 250kg, 500kg, 750kg & 990kg rating.



All the benefits of a VLM in the space of a vertical carousel.

Vertical Carousel


The VCA vertical carousel optimises the use of available space in a smaller footprint, even when this is limited. Ideal for warehouses, offices and small spaces.



Baumalog manufacture VLM's for heavy duty storage such as sheet metal, pipes, bars etc.

Vertical Carousels & Vertical Storage Lifts in Australia & New Zealand

A Complete Automated Warehouse Storage Solution

Vertical Carousels & Storage Lifts are automated systems that convert overhead space into valuable storage resulting in more capacity & faster picking thus saving your cost. They work on the goods to person principal because the product comes straight to the operator instead of the operator going to the shelves where the products are located. We also provide breakdown service, preventative maintenance, installations and relocations of vertical carousels and vertical lift machines. Some of the machines we deal with are Vertical Carousels ie. Kardex, Hanel & Prevon, Vertical Lift Machines ie. Modula & Baumalog and Vertical Carousels Australia Pty Ltd have been providing services for all makes and models of these types of machines for over 30 years.

Used vertical carousels available now for immediate delivery

We will have some more used vertical carousels soon. They are more than 50% cheaper than new machines and are in good condition. If you are interested please contact us on our contact page for more details.


Used vertical carousels

Vertical Storage Lift
Innovative Warehouse Vertical Storage Systems Australia

Why Choose an Automated Storage System?

automated storage machines

As your business grows, it’s easy to assume that you’ll also grow out of your warehouse. But this isn’t always the case. If a business is growing rapidly, process optimisation should always be at the forefront of any strategic decisions made. When optimising your warehouse’s storage capacity, there are a variety of reasons you should take into consideration while choosing any warehouse storage solutions over horizontal floor space. The two most popular types of vertical storage systems are Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lifts. Our storage systems can save up to 90% of your current floor space and greatly increase your pick rate. You will see benefits ranging from reduced floor cost/square meter, faster-picking speed and reduced labor costs which means saving your hard-earned money as well as your time.

Why Choose Vertical Carousels Australia?

vertical carousel installations

With 30 years’ experience in the storage industry, Vertical Carousels Australia Pty Ltd (VCA) has been committed to providing the best service and tailoring the right automated storage technology for your application. 

We have the right solution for your particular needs. We have machines in all major cities around Australia and also in New Zealand and can offer service and support through our network of qualified service professionals.

When it comes time to relocate your vertical carousels we are the right people for the job. No job is too big or too small. 

We are familiar with and can provide services for such popular brands as – MODULA, VCA, BAUMALOG, KARDEX REMSTAR, PREVON & HÄNEL, etc. We are Australia’s No.1 maintenance & relocation specialists and will beat any competitor’s prices.

Excellent Support

vertical carousel support & maintenance

Vertical Carousels Australia can provide preventative maintenance and breakdown service for most brands of vertical carousels and VLM’s. We are able to provide our support and services nationwide. Online support is available to help you as well. This will ensure that your vertical carousels & VLM’s are kept in good running order and can extend the equipment life and minimise callouts. Some of our machines are 30 years old and still working.

Why Buy Used Vertical Storage Machines?

Used Vertical Carousels

A used vertical carousel or Lift can cost half as much as a new one. This gives you the opportunity to buy two used units for the price of one new one and increasing your storage capacity even more. By buying used vertical storage machines you obtain a greater benefit without increasing the costs. Everyone likes peace of mind when you purchase something. Our used Vertical Carousels come with a 3-month limited warranty. The last thing we need is an unhappy customer so we work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. All machines are refurbished and come with safety light barriers to comply with current safety standards. Is your vertical carousel old, slow & outdated? Why not trade it in on the latest technology and get a new Vertical Lift Machine. 


Advantages of Vertical Carousel and lift System:

  • 60% gain in warehouse storage space vs. shelves & racks
  • Vertical Carousel and Lift systems can save up to 90% of floor space
  • Increased productivity by up to 400%
  • Increased accuracy with Pick2Light Laser Pointer & LED Bar
  • Reduced labour costs with “Goods to picker” principle.
  • Up to 300 picks per hour per operator with our Pick2Light Batch Picking System

Why choose Modula’s Vertical Storage Systems?

Many facilities simply do not utilize the vertical space available to them. With our MODULA and BAUMALOG Vertical Storage Systems, you can utilise all the available vertical space in your warehouse or manufacturing plant. Vertical Storage Machines store loads in a manner that places the most frequently accessed inventory closest to the operators, reducing the amount of travel time while providing maximum storage density. Read more…

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