Why Automate?

Why automate ?

Why automate? At a glance, Vertical Lifts and Vertical Carousels seem like the same piece of equipment, (A big metal box), but they have significant differences. The first is product rotation. Carousels rotate all shelves in a unit, essentially rotating the entire carousel in order to deliver inventory to pickers. Vertical Lifts deliver only the required item, leaving the rest in storage. Secondly, Vertical Lifts are modular and can be expanded vertically, adding height and more capacity to the unit when needed (or removing it if that was the need). Carousels are fixed height and can’t be modified to add or remove levels without sending them back to the manufacturer which involves considerable cost.



  • Optimization of space. Making use of all the height available
  • Saving time: the principle of “product to person” increases capacity by up to 600%
  • Improves precision and control of stock: significant improvements of approximately 100%
  • Improvements in productivity: complemented with picking systems for grouping (Pick2Light)
  • Guarantees the safety and protection of personnel and materials
  • Particle and temperature control system for refrigerated products
  • Guarantees quality of the service
  • Elimination of movements in search of articles
  • Great variety of dimensions and weight categories
  • Elimination of use of paper
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace. Reduces injuries due to improved working ergonomics thanks to ideal picking height

Traditional picking problems

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