Benefits of automated storage and retrieval systems

Automated storage and retrieval systems have been designed to optimise and control the picking and storage process for better efficiencies. But what are those efficiencies and how can you benefit from them by having them in your warehouse or facility?

To help you understand this, we list the advantages of automated storage and high-density storage over the traditional storing and rack system.

The benefits of automated storage & retrieval systems

  1. Better floor utilisation
  2. Reduction in the labour cost
  3. High picking accuracy
  4. Higher picking speed
  5. Better inventory control
  6. Improved ergonomic

Now let us explain in details.

Better floor utilisation

The most obvious advantage of automated storage is considerably saving space. Removal of the obsolete or wasted space shelving system can help clear space and utilise the warehouse’s full ceiling height. Thus we can consider that automated storage and retrieval systems offer high-density storage in a compact package.

The electronic components of this dynamic and automated storage system used totes, dividers, drawers, bins to help organise and hold most inventories to effectively manage storage capacity. Also, its integrated inventory management software smoothly manages the space within the storage system thus keeping all inventory compressed and organised.

Reduction in the labour cost

The second advantage and benefit of automated storage and retrieval systems are saving the labour cost.  The high-density storage units deliver the ordered items directly to the operator through the “goods to person” principle, consequently reducing the operator walk and search time. In the manual operation, workers need to travel to the stored items frequently, spending as much as 60-70% of their shifts only on walking. Post arrival at a picking station, the workers have to visually search for the correct item based on the serial numbers. This process can consume a huge amount of time. The automated system makes this process extremely easy and time-saving.

High picking accuracy

Every step in the picking stage involves a risk of making errors. The more manually the process is done the greater is the scope of making mistakes while picking orders.

The automated storage system is integrated with a series of pre directed picking technologies along with message centres for communicating the picking information from the operator. This system works together to produce better accuracy in picking and reducing human errors while picking.

Higher picking speed

During manual operation, every picker can fulfil one order at a time, with a rough translation of around 50 orders per hour. This high-density storage system uses the goods to person principle and delivery concept to reduce and eliminate walk and search time consumption. This can in turn speed up the process with a better, higher and accurate picking process.

Better inventory control

The automated storage solutions hold the inventory inside a fully enclosed system this providing safe, secured, and controlled inventory management. The high-density storage system can be programmed to permit only authorized personnel to access and store inventory through a private and secured login. This in turn allows the tracking of any of the missing or misplaced goods to any specific individual. This enhanced level of inventory management, accountability, and security eliminates inventory loss and its negative impact. Plus, the stored products can be kept clean and protected from any exposure to dirt, dust, and other contamination.

Improved ergonomic

Each and every item that is stored in the high-density storage system can be delivered to the assigned operator at an optimal ergonomic height, which is popularly known as the Golden Zone (The area between the operator’s shoulder and knees).

The electronic components of the automated storage system thus help deliver the trays, shelves within the easy reach of the picker without and bending down to get or store the item. This can help speed up the work and deliver the items to the operator eliminating time wastage and user fatigue.

The Summary

There it is, the complete details about the benefits of how automated storage or high-density storage can help save your warehouse’s floor space, reduce picking errors, speed up the process, give better inventory control and convert the place into an ergonomic workspace for your employees.

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