Aircraft Parts Storage

A common misconception is that the storage of spare parts is just a matter of finding a shelf or corner where you can keep them. The truth is that even a simple task, such as storing a spare part, is regulated by authorities. You are required to follow the approved procedures, establish environmental control mechanisms and maintain correct paperwork.

Taking these requirements into consideration, we can offer you a storage space for your spare parts in a secured and temperature-controlled storage unit. This way, we can guarantee that your parts are stored in a safe and controlled environment.

Placing your spare parts in our storage units gives you not only the security that your parts are being stored correctly, but also provides you with a controlled inventory and ideal overview of the value of your assets in storage.

Your spare parts are available to you 24/7, can be collected at any time.

Industry Applications:

    • One solution for all
    • Store a range of items in one place.
    • Tracking and user traceability ensure safe and secure storage of all high value parts and components.
    • The environment is clean and controlled.
    • Multiple access and loading points are available for heavy goods.
    • Journal logging, access control and picture capture of all storage goods allows for full inventory


Industry Applications:

  • Locate the machine directly in your aircraft hangar.
  • Spare parts and tooling equipment are stored with fast batch picking, all in one location.
  • Large air frame components storage, utilising the wider tray option.
  • ‘Goods to man’ principle allows parts to be retrieved close to the equipment staff are working on.

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