Automotive parts and tool storage

We all know how hard it is to manage an automotive industry warehouse with the old, conventional shelving systems.

Global brands such as BMW, Subaru, Ford, Lexus use and rely upon Automotive parts and tool storage from Modula. They are incredibly popular storage choices within the automotive sector due to their flexibility and ease.

Many Modula Storage System customers benefit by now designing much smaller parts departments and utilizing the space savings to add more service bays, retail displays, new offices or eliminate off-site storage. When a vehicle is scheduled for service, the shop manager can check the inventory to see if all the items required for service or repairs are in stock. These items can be picked and sorted in advance to save time otherwise spent waiting for parts delivery. Even large components like engine blocks, transmissions or catalytic converters can be stored in the Modula.

Industry Applications:

  • Storage of servicing tools and spare parts in the one unit
  • Spare parts storage in a clean environment
  • Secure small and light components
  • Store large, heavy items including engine blocks in one place
  • Retrieve accessories immediately on your dealership floor

Industry Benefits:

  • Save time searching for specific tools and spares in different places
  • Inventory control on a minimum footprint at your warehouse and your dealership
  • Store your spare parts for machinery alongside production line tools safely and securely
  • Providing mechanics with direct access to the tools and spare parts
  • Save time and money by always making sure all items are in stock and ready for your team
  • Eliminate the need to relocate to larger premises

Modula can be constructed with opposed bays (front & back) so that operators can load ready materials into one side of the warehouse, and assembly or production operators can pick them from the bay on the other side. When supplying production lines, reliability, speed and the wide range of automatic internal and external bays offered by a Modula system have turned out to be an essential lever for improving production performance. For dealerships and spare parts suppliers providing on-site service, the major advantage is having constant control over inventory. This means a significant reduction in resupply times for spare parts and in turn helps maintenance providers in their day-to-day work. Modula’s high storage density allows workshops to make the most of their available space, saving up to 85% of floor space compared to traditional warehouses.

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