Things You Should Know About Automated Storage Systems

As the name suggests, automated storage and retrieval systems are automatic systems that efficiently secures and stores items in a compact pattern. They allow users to access and retrieve products whenever they need them. This piece of technology can handle different volumes and types of inventories at a varied speed to meet the varying demands.

You can commonly use automated vertical carousel systems in manufacturing companies, industries, warehouses, and distribution facilities. They are the most reliable replacement for conventional storage systems and shelving solutions. Automated storage systems help immensely by saving floor spaces and improve safety to increase production. Vertical lift modules come under the category of automated storage systems and one of the promising technologies for warehouses.

Analysis of Automated Storage Systems

The automated storage and vertical carousel systems can be broken down into 7 major technologies that can help store and secure products in a distribution facility. Below, we have mentioned each system for your better understanding.

Vertical Carousels

They are a series of mechanical carriers that travel in a bi-directional loop, vertically in a fixed track. Vertical carousels deliver stored inventories quickly and safely to an ergonomically placed delivery counter. They work under an operator’s command.

Horizontal Carousels

These are a series of dense storage bins that rotate on an oval track. As the name suggests they move horizontally to the delivery stations on the command of the operators to fulfil the order requirements.

Vertical Lift Modules / Vertical Storage Solutions

These enclosed automated vertical carousel systems comprise a couple of columns of trays along with an extractor in the centre. Useful for delivering trays of stored and secured products to an operator whenever needed.

Crane Based Mini Load Automated Storage (AS)/ Retrieval System (RS)

Mini load AS comprises a single crane mounted load handling device that works best for extreme dense storage. Mini Load AS are heavy-duty machines that can handle cases, boxes and trays.

Vertical Buffer Modules (VBM)

Vertical buffer modules are highly cost-effective load handling systems. They comprise an enclosed shelving system that has a movable mast in the centre. Effective for storing and retrieving load and delivering them to its respective picking stations. You can program VBMs to automatically deliver them to an outbound conveyor for quick operations.

Robotic Shuttles

Robotic shuttles are quick goods to person automated storage systems that deliver optimal product management and workflow results. Effective for handling cases and trays, this mechanical system is an impressive addition to warehouses and facilities.

Floor Robots

This is a fleet of autonomous and mobile robots that efficiently store products on portable storage and shelving systems. It then transports the shelves from one storage to another or the picking bays as per requirement.

On a Final Note of Automated Storage Solutions

Automated storage solutions are extremely useful for industries related to manufacturing and distribution. Institutions like hospitals, government and administration organisation can benefit from such storage systems in their facilities. Whether your warehouse or facility requires a simple storage solution or a more precise system, the above list of automated systems can surely meet your requirements.

Implementing a good dynamic vertical lift module along with goods to person storage systems in your facility can save enough floor space and maximise productivity with a high rate of picking accuracy. This can help your industrial facility or warehouse to control its inventory and improve employee ergonomics.

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