Is Vertical Storage or Carousel Storage Ideal as a Warehouse Storage Solution?

A vertical lift machine (VLM) / vertical storage solution is an enclosed mechanical system comprising two trays and an extractor in the centre. The main purpose of this carousel storage solution is to automatically locate and retrieve the stored trays stocked with stored items. The flexibility of the machine is an ideal solution for intensive warehouse storage and solutions. It is a perfect addition that every warehouse facility needs.

Vertical lift modules are more than just a warehouse storage solution. Providing immense help in rapid and timely picking operations, VLMis the best replacement for traditional shelving and storage systems. With just an all-in-one system you can fully utilise the commercial spacing without any wastage.

The Unmatchable Warehouse Storage Solution

A vertical lift module or vertical carousel offers an unparalleled operation with high accuracy and a safe environment for employees. They are available in various measurements to meet every application. The proper utilisation of floor and ceiling allows the vertical storage solution system to save up to 85% of space in comparison to standard or traditional shelving systems.

With this warehouse storage solution, your facility can expand its operations without having to expand its actual area. It effectively optimises the space to provide maximum storage. Every time a tray is stored, the height of the product is scanned. The system then automatically optimises the tray height to store the product using the minimum space required for high-density storage.

Whether in a tray storage format or rotary carousel, they operate based on the principle of goods to man and not the other way around. The stock is delivered seamlessly to the picker and they do not have to go searching for the items. Installed with the best operating software this system can produce results with 99.9% accuracy.

Multiple vertical lift modules can create a “pick zone” that helps operators pick from one machine while the other moves to present the next product. The process helps reduce the waiting time and speed up for a smooth and error-free performance for an efficient warehouse shelving solution.

Feature of Vertical Lift Machine/Vertical Carousels Storage solutions

To help you understand better the different aspects and properties of a vertical lift machine, we are listing some of the notable features of the machine.

Dynamic storage

The VLMs use sensors to measure the height of a product placed on the shelving tray. The software calculates the measurements to directs the machine to store its tray dynamically. With this, even an inch of space is utilised thus reducing and eliminating space wastage between the shelves.


VLMs can be arranged with different trays of varying weight capacity. This helps in storing inventories of different shapes and sizes. Although the trays come in varied sizes, the depth of the trays needs to be uniform. All the trays can be divided into bins, dividers, and boxes for better management.

Single tray output

The storage system can be installed with a single or dual tray output. A single tray system is where one single tray is sorted and delivered to the operator, by the lift.

Dual tray output

A dual tray set up as the name mentions uses two trays, where one tray is picked while another tray is delivered at the same time. This mode of output allows for faster picking.

External Bay

This refers to an independent operator’s bay that is separate from the opening unit. This is the area that offers the best workspace for the operators. The vertical lift machine delivers the products to the external bay. This workspace is best where items need to be picked and distributed using a crane or other manipulators.

Small parts counting

This is an optional feature that may or may not be included. It is basically a picking scale that is specifically designed to count small units or parts. The scale is installed with unit software that has been programmed to sort items according to the parts’ inventory SKU numbers. The measurement is usually done by a calculative algorithm that determines the units based on the weight skipping the part where manual counting is done.

Picking aids

Picking aids are optional features that are available for electronic and visual indications. Items such as a bar code scanner, led light, laser pointer, visual confirmation come under the category of picking aids. All these features are useful if your facility is dealing with large volumes of product flow for individual customers like an e-commerce facility.


The vertical lift modules or vertical carousels are installed with warehouse management software to help manage the store records and ease the workload. Several software packages depend on individual requirements. Some of the software packages include inventory management systems along with other features like low stock remainders, product expiry dates, analytics reports, and much more. The software is primarily installed by specialised and trained technicians but the warehouse management configuration is always done by the in-house management.

On a Conclusive Note

Sometimes determining the course of action for handling material requires the right knowledge about the possible and available solutions. Based on the above article, if your industrial facility or warehouse requires precise stock and inventory management, then a Vertical Carousel storage system is the right choice for you.

All said and done, if you happen to have more questions related to vertical storage solutions, it is best to reach out to the professionals or storage specialists. Warehouse storage suppliers like Vertical Carousels Australia could be the solution to all your industrial storage-related queries and requirements.

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