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Hänel Controllers & Software

With the appropriate Hänel Controllers & Software solution from Hänel your machines will run with optimum performance and no errors.

Add-on modules

The Hänel Controllers & Software system is primed for integration into your existing IT systems, merges with your WMS or ERP system, and other options that allow you to maximize storage management and reduce costs. We can help you develop precisely the right controls and programming package for your application.

Control solutions such as the Optimization Run, which automatically eliminates unused space, or the Access Priority Factor which stores frequently requested containers closer to the access point than those needed less often, are examples of the ways an advanced control system may enhance your carousel investment.

These systems also drive efficiency. Integrations between a lean lift or vertical carousel and the Hänel high-speed drive and microprocessor control unit allow ultra-fast travel speeds of up to 2.3 meters per second.


MP 12 N – Controller

The MP12N Stand Alone Compact Controller

The MP12N Stand Alone Compact Controller. Find the right operating mode for your Hänel storage systems with four options available


The MP12N Stand Alone Compact Controller is user-friendly with comprehensive integrated storage management for article numbers, inventory and data fields. This can operate without any computer linked to it.

Key Features:
  • Interactive browser user interface.
  • Current lift information.
  • General display/input field.
  • Switchable view.
  • Integrated FTP client for data exchange.
  • Integrated web server enabling data to be stored via the intranet/internet.

The MP12N Stand Alone Compact Controller


The MP12N Stand Alone Compact Controller-HostData for fast connectivity to your inventory management system
The quick and easy way to connect our storage units to your inventory management system.
The control keypad with touchscreen operation offers optimal ergonomics for processing jobs. The pick and put orders are generated in the storage management system and passed on to the warehouse in data form.

Key Features:
  • Route-optimised processing of orders across multiple Hänel storage systems.
  • Data field display or input at the lift can be individually configured.
  • Data is exchanged between the lifts via FTP file transfer.
  • Controller buffers up to 5,000 list items.



The MP12N-HostCom storage management is performed in the higher-level host system. Lifts are controlled by external management systems. For storage and retrieval, a drive command is sent to the lift controller by the storage management software.

Key Features:
  • Operated via the familiar user interface of the storage management software.
  • Interface between storage management software and lift is reduced to a few commands using a TCP/IP connection.
  • Control point for the lift can be a fixed PC or a mobile terminal.



The MP12N-HostWeb brings the user interface of the storage management system directly to the lift, with virtually no limitations to the way the user interface is designed. Customer solutions can be individually implemented by a web server. Customer solutions can be individually implemented on the control terminal by means of a web server. There are virtually no limits to the way the user interface is designed.

Key Features:
  • File interface for storage and retrieval orders.
  • Data conversion and automatic, time-controlled data exchange.
  • Route-optimised processing of orders.
  • Data field display or input at the lift can be individually configured.


Hänel Controllers & Software

MP100D Controller

A central controller for up to 99 storage units

Hänel developed this central control system in order for a large number of storage units and their data to be managed effortlessly with an integrated storage management package.

Each machine in your group can maintain independence in operation by integrating an MP12N control system in the control panel of each machine.


  • All stored items are managed centrally
  • Space for 100,000 part numbers in up to 400,000 storage locations
  • Up to 4,000 pick lists, job lists or parts lists with up to 100,000 items
  • Powerful order-picking function allows quicker work in the warehouse


  • Processing of the pick and put lists can be route-optimised, time-optimised or sequential
  • Route lists can be configured to ensure users walk the shortest distance through the warehouse
  • Boost order picking speed with the tray pre-positioning option which simultaneously positions multiple lifts in an order picking group
  • The standard Ethernet interface enables data to be exchanged with higher-level host systems
  • To ensure problem-free connectivity the MP100D contains an FTP client and data conversion software
  • Access the storage data in your network via the integrated web server


High-Performance Inventory Management Software for Vertical Racking System

HänelSoft® offers a variety of functions for efficient storage management:

The Hänel Controllers & Software allows Rotomat®, Lockomat®, Lean-Lift® and Multi-Space® units to be managed, as well as other types of systems such as rack and pallet stores. A standardised host interface enables data exchange with any type of materials management system.

Key Features:

  • Master data management for recording the article number, name and additional information, to define storage strategies.
  • Interface to the Hänel storage systems: request items/parts directly at the MP control unit.
  • Pick and put operations based on article properties and storage strategy.
  • Minimum inventory.
  • Information and analysis on the screen or on printout.
  • Host interface for manual data import and export.
  • Management of manual storerooms.


  • Manages and controls any required number of storage units with minimal IT expense and maximum storage convenience.
  • Operators work directly at the storage units.
  • Prioritised storage location search in front of the corresponding storage unit.
  • Data exchange with ERP systems.ms.










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