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Modula WMS Base is considered our entry-level package and comes bundled with a Modula product. With this package you can manage a maximum of 3 PCs of which 1 is the server.

This package supports:

• Item register management

• Warehouse locations management via a graphical tool

• Movements management through picking/refilling orders

• Movements management through immediate requests

• User management with three hierarchical access levels

• Management of physical warehouse inventories

• Manual data import/export to/from the client’s ERP via exchange of fixed-format ASCII files

• Advanced security management which limits access to item codes and trays based on which role the user has been assigned.


Modula WMS software is installed by specialised computer technicians using a wizard that provides a rapid guided installation procedure. Once the program has been installed on the server and on any clients, and the warehouse has been configured, the system is ready for immediate use.

Our WMS systems come ready for connection to any ERP through a series of interfaces. For integration with the company ERP, Modula provides templates for the creation of standard interfaces for example with protocols such as ASCII, ODBC or XML.

After installation and initial configuration of the warehouse, the staff who will be using the software will receive suitable basic training. On request, additional in-depth training sessions can be organised.

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