Modula Driver

Modula Driver allows high-level warehouse management via movement orders (pick, refill or inventory). These orders are typically sent via an intermediate database or text file: in practice, these are lists of trays to be moved and their associated picking data. Modula Driver does not manage item registries, stock and item storage locations (compartments), as these are delegated to the company ERP, but it ensures that the host system knows the precise location of the items to picked or refilled


For each operation, the host sends the information about the tray to be moved, and the Driver module simply transfers the data. When the Driver module receives a request from the ERP, the operator can view the orders that have arrived on the Modula console and decide which to execute. On the Modula console’s picking page, the operator can view the data relating to each operation, and these must be confirmed when they are complete. If the required quantity has changed or the quantity found is insufficient, the operator can only change the confirmed quantity. Once the order is complete, Modula Driver can send the result of the movement to the ERP, which resumes control and proceeds with its own workflow.

This system can manage:

• Order preparation locations (including any additional Put-To-Light option)

• Warehouse logs/statistics

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