Modula Cloud is a control and diagnostics system which allows you to remotely access information about your warehouse. Entirely designed to improve the performance of your warehouses and control all operations, Modula Cloud is a valuable source of information for managing activities such as error signalling, technical support, maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

Modula Cloud operates using WMS software, which receives the information from the warehouse and transfers it to the Cloud and loads it onto a dedicated website accessible via a URL. In this way, each user will be able to view all their machines including with Google geolocation.


Modula Cloud monitors:

• Warehouse operations

• Warning lights and alarms

• Log file of stoppages and errors

• Number of tasks per day or per period

• Errors generated by operators

• Maintenance countdowns

• Energy consumption, tray weights and unit heights


Vertical warehouses are equipped with a device that provides warning signal inputs in the event of a fault in the machine itself, so that both customers and Modula support services can be informed in real time. Given these warning signals, Modula’s electromechanical department can intervene remotely to reset the machine in real time. They just need the operator to confirm via the console via a simple wizard menu. Like any data collection tool, it is extremely valuable for monitoring and improving warehouse performance, reducing intervention times, and having control of the entire system with one click. The other added value is having the data in the Cloud, accessible from anywhere with dedicated logins

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