The office vertical carousel storage system brings modern automated storage and retrieval solutions for office & financial storage institutions. Improvements to daily administration duties and re-ordering office supplies are achieved quickly and efficiently.

Office & Financial Storage

The office vertical carousel is the ideal storage system for patient records and personnel files as well as radiology films. X-ray records are archived in a protected and orderly fashion.


No more bending, ladder-climbing or walking long distances to search for and archive records. The required files are brought automatically to the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

Industry Benefits:

  • Store thousands of personnel files in a vertical carousel storage system, with 60% more files being stored in the same amount of floor area.
  • Documentation can be archived safely.
  • Smooth-action sliding doors with security lock keep products safe from unauthorised access.
  • Vertical hanging folders can be easily stored, thanks to the suspension frames that can be pulled out like a drawer within the vertical carousel storage system.

Industry Applications:

  • Store and archive important employee/client documentation.
  • Store product samples.
  • Monitor all office supplies which can be stored in one central location.
  • Store archives
  • Store patient records
  • Store X-Ray records
  • Efficient management of card files

Efficient management of card files with the Hänel Rotomat® office carousel

Positioned close to the work stations, the office carousel spares the user needless legwork and hence saves valuable time. The required index cards are brought automatically to the retrieval area in a few seconds. Time-consuming searches for files and cards are no longer necessary. Access is fast, direct and in one place.

High-quality card index boxes ensure perfect order and transparency. At the same time, the cards are protected from dust and dirt. Individual shelves can even be protected from unauthorized access.

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