Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Medical, healthcare & pharmaceutical. Store thousands of items in a clearly arranged, protected environment so the correct instruments are always ready for retrieval, even in emergencies. Great for hospital pharmacies, operating theaters, chemist shops, suppliers of medical goods and equipment, artificial limb suppliers and hospital linen storage. In hospitals where there are multiple floors, you can set retrieval points on different levels.

Medical technology

A large number of companies in the medical, healthcare & pharmaceutical industries take advantage of the many benefits of the Hänel Rotomat® & Lean-Lift® storage carousels to store their products.

Protection of inventory is imperative in the medical engineering sector. This is where the Hänel systems for controlled atmospheres, such as the Hänel CleanStore Rotomat®, come into their own.

The Hänel intralogistics concepts offer practical solutions to meet the growing demands of customers and their just-in-time objectives.

Clinic organization

The Hänel Rotomat® can be integrated smoothly into existing hospital logistics. For example, it can supply the central sterilization unit with surgical instruments and equipment.

The Hänel CleanStore is particularly suitable for sterile environments. In the pathology department, specimens can also be stored in a protected and orderly fashion until they needed for the examination.

There are countless possible applications for the Hänel Rotomat®, which can help to save space in the central pharmacy, administrative offices, the maintenance department and in the laundry.

Daily administrative tasks are performed faster and more efficiently thanks to the automated file system. With the automated Hänel Rotomat® filing system, the time spent on daily administrative tasks can be reduced significantly. Each file in question is immediately available at the touch of a button. Faster retrieval of requested files and documents makes workflow more efficient.

X-ray records are archived in a protected in an orderly manner. The microprocessor control system allows the file locations to be connected directly to the network.

The Rotomat® is the perfect handling system for protected storage and quick retrieval of a wide range of objects.

The Hänel Vertical Storage Carousel can also optimize the workflow in the laundry department. For example, towels, bed linen and clothing can be put into long-term or temporary storage in an efficient, space-saving manner. Hospital laundry service can be distributed between floors.

The pharmacy as a distribution center

Pharmacy customers include not only patients who are supplied with drugs directly in the salesroom.

In addition to catering to numerous customers on-site, pharmacies also offer home deliveries to patients needing continuous medical supplies.

They also deliver to care homes for the elderly, residential nursing homes, hospital outpatient and casualty wards and university clinics.

Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels help ensure that a large number of medicines and health-care products are instantly available at all times.

In view of the inner-city location of many pharmacies, this space-saving solution is ideal. The storage area can be reduced by up to 60%.

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