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Our Services

Our Services

Installations & Relocations

Installations & Relocations

Vertical Carousels Australia  has trained installation crews available for installations & relocations  to address your needs for the installation of vertical carousels, vertical Lift Modules and shelving. With VCA our senior installers have over 20 years of collected experience and with VCA as your partner, coordination problems with multiple suppliers will never interfere with timely completion of your project. A supervisor and team of professional installers will be assigned to accomplish the job properly and on time. Safety is a main concern so all of our installers are equipped with safety equipment and are white card, forklift and elevating work platform certified.

Installations & Relocations
All jobs completed on time

Installations & Relocations
No job too big or too small

Vertical Carousel Installation
Vertical Carousel Installations & Relocations


Installations & Relocations – Why use VCA?

Unlike many companies, we don’t sub-contract installation of your system to outside contractors. When the time arises and you need to relocate your vertical carousel, give us a call. We will assign an installation crew to your site to dismantle the unit, pack, transport and reassemble it anywhere around the country in a professional manner. Impact to your operations will be kept to a minimum. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance and we believe we offer our growing list of Customers a Quality Genuine Service and Unbiased advice when it comes to all your Vertical Carousel needs. Whilst most other companies will only relocate your vertical carousel we can also offer to relocate the stock thus saving you valuable time. 

Service & Breakdowns

Carousel Service & Breakdowns

Carousel Service & Breakdowns – In today’s business environment, we understand you and your business can’t afford to be crippled by system downtime. That’s why, at Vertical Carousels Australia, emergency service is delivered fast, bringing your system back to peak operating efficiency in a short time. Our service technicians can accurately diagnose and solve any vertical carousel or vertical lift module problem you may be experiencing. Being trained on most brands we can quickly diagnose the problem and get you operational as quickly as possible. We have the expert knowledge in automated vertical storage, diagnostics, support and machine configuration services to ensure you maximise the use of your investment.

Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait for a serious breakdown to occur and hinder your operations. Ask about our scheduled maintenance programs. We also offer free telephone support in conjunction with a service agreement. Our service technician attending site will be multi-skilled, supported by a vehicle stocked with a comprehensive range of relevant parts and equipment. Our technicians have experience with VCA, KARDEX, PREVON, MODULA and HANEL.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenancePreventative Maintenance

Vertical Carousels and Lift Modules come under the same category as forklifts and cranes and should have Preventative Maintenance done periodically  to provide safety certification required by legislation. If your machines are not serviced periodically and there is an accident then you will be held responsible for not having the machines checked. Our Service Agreements are available on an annual basis and include 1 or 2 site visits a year to each contracted machine. Non-Contractual Servicing is also available. Site visits are based on a minimum call out fee per machine and at the earliest availability.

Ensure that your equipment is working properly with a Preventative Maintenance Agreement. A Preventative Maintenance Agreement will improve the longevity of your equipment with regular routine inspections to ensure your equipment is operating properly. We offer a range of contract options from 7:00am to 5:00pm 5 days a week to 24 hours 7 days a week. We will also give a 4 to 8 hours sliding response time promise for certain mission critical industries.Our Service Agreements are available on an annual basis and include 2 site visits a year to each contracted machine. Non-Contractual Servicing is also available. Site visits are based on a minimum call out fee per machine and at the earliest availability.

Service & Maintenance

A VCA Service Technician(s) would provide each machine with a thorough inspection from the appropriate check list ensuring that each area of the machines are checked over and then lubricated to ensure smooth running until the next inspection.

  • Hardware Inspection & Repair
  • Drives, sprockets, chains, bearings, etc.
  • Belts – check tracking, lacing, and pins
  • Vibration analysis – drive motors
  • Gear reducers – change lubrication, inspect for leaks, noise, and a clean breather
  • Clean debris from moving parts
  • Adjust and tighten necessary parts
  • Electrical Inspections & Repair
  • Monitor System Performance

Carrying out this type of regular preventative maintenance helps minimise breakdowns and workforce interruptions and extends the life and value of your machines. Out of normal business hours preventative maintenance is also available so as not to interrupt your work.

On completion of the service you will receive a copy of the service report checklist highlighting any areas that may need further attention. These reports are necessary for certification of the machines. Once the service sheets have been returned to our office any further work that may be required would be detailed on a full quotation with recommendations for any repairs.

Site Visit & Demonstration

Site Visit and Demonstration

Call us for a site visit and demonstration when considering an automated storage system for your facility.

Site visit and demonstration

Call us for a site visit and demonstration when considering an automated storage system for your facility. Our consultants have an intimate knowledge of most major storage systems. They can go over the pros and cons of each one to help you choose a system that is suited for your application and whilst we deal with all major brands we can offer you totally unbiased service and advice.Every VCA project starts with a professional site analysis. Your VCA consultant discusses your project in depth to fully understand your challenges, business goals and budget. Then, we review products to be stored for each application, including a complete, detailed analysis of your work processes and material flows.

We assess your product sizes, quantities, product flow and selectivity requirements, potential inventory management & control issues, labor efficiencies and ergonomic considerations. When our analysis is complete, you receive a complete proposal specifying the storage system you need, pricing, installation time frames, floor space savings and much more.

Staff Training

Staff Training

The success of every material handling system hinges on acceptance by its users, their ability to maximize the efficiencies the system offers and their knowledge of how to keep it functioning properly. To help ensure quick acceptance and the expected productivity results, VCA conducts thorough operational and maintenance training classes upon system completion prior to customer use.

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