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About Vertical Carousels Australia

Vertical Carousels Australia are national suppliers & support agents of automated storage systems ie. vertical carousels & vertical lifts (VLM’s) and are one of the leading used Vertical Carousel Suppliers across Australia.

Our headquarters is in Sydney however we have contacts in all major cities across Australia and New Zealand. We specialise in new and used machines and providing maintenance and breakdown services for existing and new customers.

With new equipment we work in co-operation with Headland Machinery who are  the Australasian representatives for Hänel Storage Systems. Hänel is one of the world’s largest, most respected manufacturers of storage and organisation systems – now represented in over 60 countries.


Our History

Our managing director Joe Faranda has been involved in the industry for over 28 years. He started out as the NSW service agent for VCA who eventually became Kardex. At that time there were only 2 companies who had the monopoly on vertical carousels and storage lifts. In 2006 we became Vertical Carousels Australia (VCA) and were involved mainly in maintenance and used machines. It was then that Joe Faranda became involved with Headland Machinery and the Hänel brand . In 2012 we introduced Modula Lifts into Australia which is something they were trying to achieve for many years. In 2013 we were chosen by Woolworths to install  carpet carousels in all the Masters stores throughout Australia and we did so with no problems right up until their closure. In total we installed over 100 carpet carousels spread over each major city and many major towns around Australia. In 2016 we became involved with Headland Machinery and Hänel Storage Systems having helped install the very first Hänel systems back in 2006 and continue to do so up until now.

About Vertical Carousels Australia
Installers of Vertical Carousels & Vertical Lifts

About Vertical Carousels Australia
Experts in our industry


Why choose us to solve your problems?

Some companies find solutions to problems others are yet to encounter and as such we will usually have worked on issues you may be facing and whilst we do sell, relocate and service many makes and models of vertical carousels and vertical lift modules we are able to give you totally unbiased service and advice. We have many years experience and are highly respected by all of our customers.