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We are a leading supplier of New & Used Vertical Carousels & Storage Lifts

Innovative Vertical Storage Machines

At Vertical Carousels Australia (VCA) we offer Innovative Vertical Storage Machines ie. Vertical Carousels and Vertical Storage Lifts that will save you space, time and money. 

We specialise in Innovative Vertical Storage Machines like Industrial Carousels, Office Filing Carousels and Vertical Storage Lifts (Vertical Lift Modules). VCA have been providing services for all makes and models of these machines for over 27 years.

No job is too big or too small. We have the right solution for your particular needs. 

We have installed machines in all major cities around Australia and Auckland, New Zealand and can provide service and support through our network of qualified service professionals. 

 Advantages at a glance:Increase productivity

  • Vertical Carousel and Lift systems can save up to 85% floor space
  • Increased productivity by up to 400%
  • Increased accuracy with pick-to-light
  • Reduced labour costs with “Goods to man” principle. 
  • Up to 400 picks per hour per operator with our Multipick system


High efficiency “goods-to-picker” storage increases pick rates, reduces errors

Vertical storage machines deliver the required item to your order pickers in seconds, rather than moving workers to product. Walk and search times are eliminated, meaning workers are more accurate, less fatigued and faster. This dramatically reduces access times and boosts all aspects of the order picking process.

Storage density: a 60% gain in storage space vs. shelves & racksInnovative Vertical Storage Machines

Many facilities simply do not utilize the vertical space available to them. With the Hänel Lean-Lift® you can utilize all the available vertical space in your warehouse or manufacturing plant. The Lean-Lift® Innovative Automated Storage Systems store loads in a manner that places the most frequently accessed inventory closest to the operators, reducing the amount of travel time while providing maximum storage density.

With the Lean Lift® Innovative Vertical Storage Machines, you’ll have accurate and constant inventory and parts numbers to help reduce guesswork and increase your ability to make the right decision. Hänel microprocessor controllers can be used as stand-alone inventory management systems or communicate with customers’ own data processing systems

Carousel Relocations

Vertical Carousel Installation

Is your lease expiring or are you looking at moving to new premises? If you are looking to relocate your vertical carousels or vertical lifts we are the leading experts. This is one of the fields that we excel in. We will dismantle your machine/machines and ship them to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand and reassemble them with minimum interruptions to your operations. The machines will look better than they did at your previous residence. Some of our satisfied customers include QANTAS, Sony, Hills, Department of Defence, Roband, Sigma Pharmaceuticals, SMC Pneumatics, Pitney Bowes, Weir Minerals, Essentra, Inner West Council, Canterbury Bankstown Council to name a few.

KASTO Heavy Duty Storage Systems

KASTO Ecostore single tower sheet metal storage

KASTO heavy duty storage systems offer a wide selection of storage systems for bars, tubes, profiles and beams, all tailored to individual or architectural requirements. KASTO offers also a wide range of sheet metal storage systems for all tasks, storage quantities and speeds. 

Additionally, KASTO is the worldwide technology leader in bar storage and retrieval systems as well as sheet metal storage systems with more than 1,400 installed systems. – For all applications, in all sizes, and with integrated saws as well.

KASTO Honeycomb Storage System

Call us today for more information or a quote – 0477 577 050 or 0432 800 354

Second Hand Machines for Sale

We currently have 2 used Vertical Lifts for sale. Currently located in Brisbane. These units are “As New” and ready to go. They have hardly been used. These machines have been Sold.

We also have 2 used vertical carousels for sale currently located in Sydney. These carousels are about half the cost of a new one.

Used Vertical CarouselsPlease visit our “USED MACHINES” page 

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New warehouses don’t need to be bigger. They need to be smarter.

As your business grows, it’s easy to assume that you’ll also grow out of your warehouse. But this isn’t always the case. If business is growing rapidly, process optimisation should always be at the forefront of any strategic decisions made. When optimising your warehouse's storage capacity, there are variety of reasons you should reference vertical space over horizontal floorspace. The two most popular types of vertical storage systems are Vertical Carousels and Vertical Lifts.


Since the 1950's the name Hänel has been synonymous with innovative solutions in automatic archiving and intelligent storage of materials . Today, it is one of the main suppliers worldwide in its sector. Thanks to the continuous improvement of its products, the solutions offered today, meet the requirements of tomorrow! Hänel is one of the world’s largest, most respected manufacturers of storage and organisation systems – now represented in over 60 countries.


With employees with over 27 years’ experience VCA are committed to tailoring the right automated storage technology to your application. We are specialists who are familiar with and can provide services for such popular brands as:- VCA, KARDEX, PREVON, MODULA, HÄNEL & KASTO. We are Australia's Number 1 relocation specialists and will beat any competitors prices.


We can provide preventative maintenance and service calls for most brands of machines. We are working in cooperation with Headland Machinery to promote the Hänel brand. We are able to provide our support and services nationwide. Online support is available to help you.

Aircraft Parts Storage


Automated storage for electronic components


Heavy Duty Parts Storage


Office & Financial


Online Stores


Mining, Oil, Gas & Energy




Food & Beverage


Medical, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical


Defence and Government




Logistics & Distribution


Why Automate?


Why automate ?

Why automate? At a glance, Vertical Lifts and Vertical Carousels seem like the same piece of equipment, (A big metal box),  but they have significant differences. The first is product rotation. Carousels rotate all shelves in a unit, essentially rotating the entire carousel in order to deliver inventory to pickers. Vertical Lifts deliver only the required item, leaving the rest in storage. Secondly, Vertical Lifts are modular and can be expanded vertically, adding height and more capacity to the unit when needed (or removing it if that was the need). Carousels are fixed height and can't be modified to add or remove levels without sending them back to the manufacturer which involves considerable cost.

Why automate


  • Optimization of space. Making use of all the height available
  • Saving time: the principle of “product to person” increases capacity by up to 600%
  • Improves precision and control of stock: significant improvements of approximately 100%
  • Improvements in productivity: complemented with picking systems for grouping (Multipick)
  • Guarantees the safety and protection of personnel and materials
  • Particle and temperature control system for refrigerated products
  • Guarantees quality of the service
  • Elimination of movements in search of articles
  • Great variety of dimensions and weight categories
  • Elimination of use of paper
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace. Reduces injuries due to improved working ergonomics thanks to ideal picking  height

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